Capitalism and Ecological Crisis


  • Yonghong Zhang School of Marxism Studies, Research Center for Marxist Theory, Southwest University, Chongqing, China



Ecological crisis, capitalism, mode of production, social order, socialism


Ecological crisis facing humanity began to emerge while entering the historical stage of capitalist development. Today's ecological problems are caused by the logic of capital gains. The capital's mercenary nature and the unlimited expansion trend of capitalist production will not only inevitably lead to the outbreak of the cyclical crisis of capitalism, but also to tremendous consumption and destruction of the natural environment and ecosystem. With the development of history, the capitalist system has been farther away from the natural historical process of human society, and put the development of human society into a horrific and dangerous situation, which, if neglected and unresolved, will ultimately destroy human civilization in the dual contradictions and conflicts of nature and man. The essence of socialism makes it a system possessing forces beyond capitalism. It can go beyond immediate interests and local interests, overcoming both the social crisis and ecological crisis of capitalism.




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