A General Model of Technology Diffusion and Productivity Growth: The Importance of Wireless Mobile Phone Technology in the Sectors of Nigeria’s Economy


This current study examines the effect of wireless telecom technology on productivity of various industry sectors of the economy in Nigeria. A model of technology diffusion studied by Acemoglu (2009) was used to explain differences in productivity and technology adaption across industries. Results found in the literature uphold the view that diffusion of technologies often lead to productivity gains. The primary goal of this study is to develop a general model of how the availability of Wireless Mobile Phone Technology aided the diffusion of technologies and enhance productivity growth rate in the sectors of Nigeria’s economy. In addition, the study attempts to establish the the importance of Wireless Mobile Phone Technology in the sectors of Nigeria’s economy and provide a theoretical and predictive model. The major findings are that the diffusion of this new mobile phone technology enhances labor productivity growth rate in various industrial sectors. This significant trend is outstanding in industries that are less dependent on telecoms technology and Wireless phone technology, therefore, helps to remove the inequality in the distribution of innovative benefits among industries.



2020-06-01 — Updated on 2020-06-04